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The Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca, strengthened by its 59 years of experience,

organizes the 26th edition of “La Leggenda di Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto”

which will take place at Bassano del Grappa from the 18th till the 21th of June 2020.

An event unique in the international world of motor cars collectors, which reunites

enchanted locations, unique cars and extraordinary drivers.

Three Legendary days that only those who will be there will be able to tell!

“When an event succeeds over the time, gets together far away and

different passions, donates emotions that stay in the hart and makes

people in one great friendship, this is when History

leaves space to the Legend”.

Il Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca, forte dei suoi 59 anni di esperienza,

organizza la 26a edizione de “La Leggenda di Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto”

che si svolgerà a Bassano del Grappa dal 18 al 21 Giugno 2020.

Un evento unico nel panorama del motorismo storico internazionale che

coniuga luoghi incantati, autovetture uniche e piloti straordinari.

Tre giorni Leggendari che solo chi ci sarà potrà raccontare!


“Quando un evento supera la prova del tempo, unisce passioni

lontane e diverse, regala emozioni che restano nel cuore e

accomuna persone in un’unica grande amicizia, ecco che la Storia

lascia il posto alla Leggenda”.


Der Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca, mit seinen 59 Jahre Erfahrung, organisiert

die 26. Ausgabe von “La Leggenda di Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto”,

die in Bassano del Grappa vom 18. bis 21. Juni 2020 stattfinden wird.

Eine einzigartige Veranstaltung in der internationalen historischen Motorsport Welt für

Rennsport Fahrzeuge. Die verzaubernden Orte, einzigartige Fahrzeuge und

außergewöhnliche internationale Fahrer vereint.

Drei legendäre Tage; nur diejenigen können davon erzählen, die dort sein werden!

“Wenn ein Ereignis im Laufe der Zeit gelingt, zusammen, weit weg

und andere Leidenschaften verbindet, wie Emotionen die im Herzen

bleiben und Menschen vereint in eine große Freundschaft sind, dann ist

dieses, wie eine Legende geboren wird.”

Le Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca, fort des ses 59 années d’expérience, organise

la 26ème édition de “La Leggenda di Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto”

qui aura lieu à Bassano del Grappa du 18 au 21 juin 2020.

Un évènement unique dans le panorama du Motorsport historique international,

qui combine lieux magiques, voitures uniques et pilotes extraordinaires.

Trois jours de Légende qui seuls ces qui y seront pourront dire.


“Si un évènement dépasse la preuve du temps, réunit passions éloignées

et différentes, donne émotions qui restent dans le cœur et unit

personnes dans une seule grande amitié, alors l’Histoire

laisse place a la Légende.”

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FEBRUARY 20, 2020



Dear Friends,

We waited until the last minute before communicating the decision made by the Organizing Committee of La Leggenda di Bassano. Unfortunately, the restrictions and uncertainty about the future caused by this Corona Virus have convinced us to cancel "La Leggenda di Bassano – Trofeo Giannino Marzotto" 2020.

We felt that the safety of our participants, members of the staff and all our collaborators must be our priority.

For this reason we inform you officially that La Leggenda di Bassano 2021
will take place from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th June.

All competitors who have already paid the registration fee for this year will be able to decide whether to use it for the 2021 edition or request a full refund.

To maintain a direct line with all our participants in every part of the world we have created
"La Leggenda di Bassano Channel" visible at the address

We would like you all to make a small amateur video, lasting up to 90 seconds, to send a greeting, tell the story of your car or a memory related to our event. It will be a fun way to maintain contact between us while waiting to be able to embrace each other as soon as possible.

The videos must be sent to La Leggenda di Bassano at the email address, which will post them.

We hope that all of you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at the moment and, as always:
drivers start your engines!

Stefano Chiminelli e tutto lo Staff de La Leggenda di Bassano